Based in Pittsburgh, PA I am a wedding photographer who finds bliss in capturing love and life by utilizing natural light and the environments that surround us in everyday life! Each couple has a unique love story and I believe that story should be photographed in a way that highlights the natural aura of those involved!  

I love working with my couples on many aspects of the wedding day from helping you find the ideal vendors to perfecting your timeline. I will be there every step of the way guiding you to ensure a gratifying and stress free day.

On your wedding day I believe it is all about capturing the story between the two of you. 

I live for the shots where I capture the in-between moments. That small look of endearment one person gives to the other while embracing. When you can see and feel the emotions, which embodies all of the love between you and your soul mate. When you sit down together years from now I want your wedding photographs to give you renewed love and strength in your love story when life gets tough. I want these photographs to be a moment captured in time as a reminder of just how infatuated you are with one another.

I truly believe that photographs of you and the people you love are some of the most important possessions you may ever keep from your wedding day. Portraits and candid photographs are so essential because as years go by a photograph can be all we have left of those extraordinary people. In a world where cell phone snap shots are the norm, you will genuinely cherish a printed photograph of your grandmother, brother or parent. I want to document this moment of your family’s history, this small part of your love story so that it can be shared for the years to come with those who matter most to you. 

I grew up with free use of my mother’s film camera, taking myself on excursions in our back yard and connecting woods… I think my love of tall deep-rooted trees started young. But I am not partial to vast wild landscapes… I love exploring anywhere new. Whether that be hiking in the mountains or wondering the streets of an unfamiliar city. Getting away from my comfort zone feeds the creativity in my soul.

My inspired creative mind can get a little unruly at times, but whose doesn’t?? To keep calm and centered I swear by hitting my yoga mat every morning and staying organized by leaving post-it notes and appealing to-do lists all over my home. I believe the art of pen and paper needs a revival and so you may just get a hand written note from me!

After a busy wedding weekend I unwind with chamomile tea (it was my dad’s favorite) curled up on the couch with my fiancé and our furbabies. On days I’m not shooting or editing I love to lose track of time and spend all day in the kitchen making vegan dishes. I am passionate about leaving Earth in a better state for future generations. I believe creatures big and small deserve their place on this beautiful planet we call home. This carries over to my business as I use only sustainable animal friendly companies for my prints, albums and other products.


I thrive to capture each embrace and kiss,

smile and tear. 

I want to make you feel beautiful and daring

and handsome.

If you are adventurous and feel there’s always some place new to explore, count your pets as family members, and are madly in love with the person you hold close each night then I am the photographer for you. I am happiest when I am in unique and unfamiliar places. Camera in hand, I am ready to pack my bags and meet you there

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